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There are tens of thousands of piano teachers in the US right now. How do you find the right one? FindPianoLessons is the answer. We let you compare the teachers near you to find one suitable for a specific musical style or level of study, then comparison-shop the best matches, all from your desktop. No dozens of calls, no skimming the phone book, no looking for flyers in the grocery store. At last, it's easy!

Kylie Pratt Piano Lessons

Higley and Southern
Mesa, AZ 85206

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About Me

I am a very experienced piano teacher currently looking for young students- beginners or not- starting at age 6. I teach out of my home, which is located near the Higley and Southern crossroads, but can travel for a slightly elevated rate. I have 15 years of piano playing and performing experience, and I have professionally learned how to provide quality instruction so your children get the best experience learning the piano. I am passionate and enthusiastic about the piano and I am excited to teach my new students this same enthusiasm.


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Press Release: National Database of Piano Teachers and Students Reaches Out

MESA, ARIZONA, USA (September 19, 2008) - The majority of today's piano instructors work as private educators for adult learners and children of all ages. This is great news for consumers, since these types of small business owners and independent contractors tend to offer greater versatility in teaching styles, training times, and levels of instruction. In addition, home-based piano instruction also tends to be more cost-effective and interactive than other training techniques. Whether parents want to expose their children to the Suzuki Method early on or enjoy the benefits of personalized attention, there has never been a better time to start in-home instruction.

One of the biggest obstacles for consumers to this process, however, is finding qualified piano instructors in local areas. Oftentimes, it is only the big name corporations that advertise in traditional media formats, meaning that the specialized education best offered through private piano instruction gets unfairly overlooked. FindPianoLessons.com fills this gap by fostering connections between piano teachers and the parents seeking their services.

FindPianoLessons.com is a easy and usable website for both piano instructors and their potential students. The website includes a comprehensive city-by-city database of teachers who list their services, including their instructional approach, hours, rates, and level of instruction. Piano instructors of all backgrounds and methods are encouraged to take part in this service, which allows students and their parents to find them and their contact information with the click of a button.

Yet piano teachers aren't the only ones to benefit from this service. Finding the right local piano instructor can be a time-consuming and frustrating experience for today's consumer. "There are a great deal of piano teachers out there," says David Bailey, the owner and operator of FindPianoLessons.com. "Yet there is no real organized way for students and parents to find one, let alone compare and find the best suitable teacher for their needs." An online database eliminates the need for placing time-consuming calls and comparing options by offering all the information needed in one easy website.

With all the advantages of home piano instruction - from the ability to track a child's progress to personalized education in a comfortable setting - it is no wonder that many families are turning to private teaching lessons as way to develop musical skills to last a lifetime. Whether you are a piano instructor looking to market your services or a parent searching for the best teacher for your situation, FindPianoLessons.com is the ideal solution. After all, the website is designed to simply "help students and teachers alike."

About FindPianoLessons.com
FindPianoLessons.com is a easy and usable database that matches students looking to learn piano with qualified local piano instructors. It is geared toward beginning, intermediate, and advanced home-based piano instruction. Both instructors and students are encouraged to utilize the website to start making connections today.

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    Piano Lessons For All Ages

    Piano lessons are considered a right of passage for many children sometimes though it is difficult to find that special piano teacher that will not only show them how to play but will teach them to love playing. We at Find Piano Lessons.com help you find a piano teacher in your local area that fits your piano lesson needs. We will provide you a list of piano instructors, their general area and scheduled piano lesson availability. Our piano teachers are qualified as a piano instructor and have various backgrounds and experiences. They provide you with options for beginning and intermediate piano lessons. Even adult classes are available for those who are hoping to achieve a long forgotten dream. Find Piano Lessons.com is here to provide you with the piano instructors you hoped to find for you and your child's piano lesson needs.

    The Benefits Of Piano Lessons

    Piano lessons are a great way to introduce a child to the world of music. Not only does piano lessons introduce them to a cultural world it is been proven that introduction to music like piano lessons gives a child an advantage in understanding math and science better. Find Piano Lessons.com is here to help you find a piano instructor that will make that special introduction to the piano. We will provide you the information needed to help you find a piano teacher that is in your local area and has openings for piano lessons. Give your child the opportunity of a lifetime by introducing them to music we know you will find the piano instructor that is right for you.

    Piano Teachers Who Inspire Students

    Giving your child the opportunity to take piano lessons allows them to learn and share a much cherished talent. A piano instructor provides your child with the tools to learn and achieve a musical ability. Not only is this a fantastic talent to have it allows your child to gain the self confidence that many children lack. Find Piano Lessons.com can help you locate a piano teacher in your area that can help your child reach these goals. Our piano instructors are knowledgeable in how to teach piano playing and your child will soon fall in love with going to their piano lessons. Give your child the opportunity to achieve by providing a positive experience with piano lessons given by a great piano teacher.

    Extracarricular Piano Lessons Are A Great Way To Boost Learning

    It is a parent's most desired goal to be able to provide their child with opportunities like piano lessons. Extracurricular activities give a child other outlets to learn and achieve further education and study. Find Piano Lessons.com help those parents who wish to find a piano teacher but are not sure where to start. We can give you a customized list of piano instructors and their local piano lessons. Our piano teachers all have many years of experience in teaching piano and have the ability to show you child the love of playing. Give your child the opportunity to succeed by providing a piano lesson that is given by a loving educated piano instructor.

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