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music theory, ear training, rhythmic training, sight reading, performance


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''Jingjing is incredibly talented and lovely to work with...she has gotten my 6-year old daughter excited to play the piano...and to practice on her own! She can engage children in ways I've never experienced with piano teachers before...I feel very lucky to have found Jingjing!!!''
- Anu G.

''Jingjing is very good at relating to children and figuring out what approach best suits a student's learning style so that the child maintains an interest in playing piano. The first thing my 7-year-old daughter does when she comes home from her hour-long lesson is every week is to play more piano because she's so excited about what she's learned.''
- Christina G.

''Jingjing has been a valuable piano teacher to both my 6 year old daughter and me. My daughter was somewhat reluctant at first to learn piano, since the discipline required to learn music was new to her. Jingjing was very patient with her, while at the same time providing her with both the structure and encouragement she needed to advance. Her warmth and innate ability to connect with kids have made piano lessons a joy for my daughter, and after about 8 months she is looking forward to playing in a recital!

As for myself, I'd played several instruments in the past and was interested in learning piano and some guitar in order to have some fun and even start a band. Jingjing has tailored my piano lessons to fit my interest in several styles of music, and in a short amount of time has taught me theory, techniques, and habits I need to play my favorite music. She chooses pieces for me to practice that are tailored to help me in areas I need to improve on, and has even given me some lessons on my new guitar! She makes learning and playing music a joy for both kids and adults and I would recommend her to someone at any level of musical experience or ability.''
- Greg S.

''I have found the perfect piano teacher!! My son started taking lessons when he was about 5 with a traditional, classical teacher. He progressed very fast but by the end of the year it was a chore for him to play. We eventually stopped taking lessons and I was at a loss. I wanted him to take classes and explore and grow his love for music, but I didn't want to sacrifice form and technique for fun. So what's a parent to do? I wanted it all or nothing. So, we went a couple years with nothing. And then I stumbled across an ad for Jingjing. She asked what we were looking to do in the lessons and told us she could mold the class into what we wanted it to be. My main objective was for him to learn and be challenged, expand his love for the piano, and have fun. I don't have an agenda - there isn't a concert that he needs to know a song for. I just want the lesson to flow and she's happy to accommodate that. However, if I did have an agenda and timeline I wanted to meet, I feel she would accommodate that as well.

My son is now 9, is beyond inquisitive, and quite a bit fidgety. None of this seems to faze her. He asks non-stop questions about the strings and mechanics of the piano. She actually opened up the top of the piano to show him the strings and explained what happens between hitting the key and hearing the sound. For my son, this was HUGE! She follows his lead, answers his questions and then, without him even realizing, redirects him back to the lesson. Miraculous! He really enjoys classical music but Jingjing is open to playing whatever style they prefer. On his second class he asked her if she could teach him Moonlight Sonata and she smiled and agreed. There was no doubt or hesitation - just belief that he could. She watches his technique, points out nuances in the music, challenges him, applauds him, encourages him to write his own songs and has him practicing!! I can't possibly explain what a great teacher she is and how perfect she is for my son.''
- Carol S.

''Jingjing is an amazing piano teacher. My daughter started piano in middle school, and in just a few years has progressed to the point of playing Mozart Sonatas. Jingjing has taught her how to practice, and has focused on developing both technique and musicality. At her student's recitals, each of her students played a polished memorized piece. Her students played in rhythm, and with dynamics - including the young four and five year olds.

Most importantly, Jingjing has a warm and nurturing personality, which makes coming to piano lessons a joy. I would recommend Jingjing to anyone looking for an excellent piano teacher.''
- Carol G.

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Studio located close to I-93, I-95, and Route 1, and is a short walk from the Oak Grove orange line station.


Every student is different, in personality, learning style, and goals. My lesson plans are tailored to each individual. I aim to coax out the best out of my students, from those that have professional aspirations, to those that just want to have fun.

I can help you learn how to get and maintain a solid technical and musical foundation. I've studied many piano methods and have developed my own along the years. Most importantly to me, I hope to inspire my students to discover their own kind of artistry, and a love of music that will extend beyond their piano lessons.


New England Conservatory, University of Massachusetts

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music theory, ear training, rhythmic training, sight reading, performance


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April 2010

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